The purpose of this app is to record self care for women, such as hair care, body care, facial, physiological period, etc. This is a private app for women, just like pillow talk. It's a little secret for girls. Usually, after a period of care, girls will not remember when the last care was. The purpose of this app is to help girls solve these problems, it can clearly record your caring cycle, get a reminder of your next caring date. And the caring item can be added or modified, it is a private caring management.

Pillow Talk

Positioning Statement

Our target users are female over the age of 15. It's common for women to do daily body care, but sometimes, they don't remember the caring cycle. This app is to help them accurately record their caring cycle and clearly understand their body. You can also make a reminder to remind yourself of the upcoming care. It is not only a record of body care, it can also record their menstrual period. This is the unique feature of this app. It records not only daily body care, but also a menstrual period. In terms of personality setting, we allow users to design their own profile picture and icon of each item card, which is also our unique feature.

Proof of Concept