Cup of Blooms is leisure drinks bar. Their are fusion food type in store, with snacks like toast, cakes and sandwiches, and some Chinese and Japanese desserts. The Only goal in their mind is to provide top quality, authentic, traditional, and healthy drinks to their customers with their passion and love.


Target Market

It is popular by featured fruit tea, the materials are from Taiwan green tea and flower tea, and mix with different fruits together. It is the best choice for fruit tea lovers. 


Target Audience: 70% Female and 30% male,

                               Age around 20 — 40

Groups: Fruit tea lovers
             Taiwan traditional boba lovers

             Peaceful environment lovers

Verbal Pitch

Cup of Blooms is a tea based drink shop, the most characteristic drink is fruit tea. It has always been a fresh, authentic fruit tea. The tea is made fresh, then combine with fresh fruit, and the taste is fragrant. The style of interior design in Cup of Blooms is very unique. The pastoral tables and chairs with flowers and floral decorations make you feel like you are in the garden. This is a restful and romantic drink shop. If you are a drink lover, you can't miss it here.


Mark System

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