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Rebranding Project

Cup of Blooms

Cup of Blooms is a tea based drink shop, the most characteristic drink is fruit tea. It’s high mountain tea from Taiwan, which is famous for its freshness. The tea is combine with fresh fruit, and the taste is fragrant.

Rebranding Project

AMC Theatres

AMC Theaters is an app created for AMC cinemas. The AMC Theatres App is your portal of everything to AMC. Users can purchase movie tickets, reserve seats, get the latest information about the movies you want to watch.


Original Project

Pillow Talk

The purpose of this app is to record self care for women, such as hair care, body care, facial, physiological period, etc. This is a private app for women, just like pillow talk. Not only that, but also record some anniversaries and things that need attention and reminder. It's a little secret for girls.

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