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AMC Theaters is an app created for AMC cinemas. The AMC Theatres App is your portal of everything to AMC. Users can purchase movie tickets, reserve seats, get the latest information about the movies you want to watch. Also, take a full advantage of your rewards and make a monthly plan to get more discounts. Type the name or post code to find the cinemas are closest to you.

01     |     UX Research

Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation – 1_2x.jpg






Competitors – 1_2x.jpg

Target Audience

target audience_2x.jpg



App Rating

App Rating_2x.jpg

Audience Interview

Actual people in my target audience

Expert Interview

expert interview_2x.jpg

Interview Summary

  • Most of the audience will not compare the ticket prices of different cinemas when they watch movies, and the frequency of watching movies depends on whether there is a movie they like. Users who don't buy tickets through apps or websites think it's complex and unsafe to enter credit card information.

  • Some people prefer to buy tickets through app or some websites, because they don't need to go to the cinema to wait in line, it saves time. And they only need to scan QR code or email code when enter the cinema, which is very convenient.

  • In Lee's opinion, he thinks that the most important point of an app is the user experience. If users like it and the app is stable, there will be no problems and there is no need for frequent forced updates. For an app, all designs should put users first.


Card Sort

card sort_2x.jpg

Card Sort Results

card sort results_2x.jpg
02     |     Rebranding System






03     |     UI Design

Low-fidelity Wireframes

low fidelity_2x.jpg

Proof of Concept

Task 1 : Set up the AMC Pass plan

task sheet_1_2x.jpg

Task 2 : Purchase a ticket by using of AMC Pass

task sheet_2_2x.jpg

Task 3 : Set up the AMC Pass FAMILY plan

task sheet_3_2x.jpg

User Test Results

User Test Results_2x.jpg

Implementation of Changes

implementation – 1_2x.jpg

A / B Test

A - B Test – 1_2x.jpg

Mock up

mock up_2x.jpg
04     |     Sources
sources – 1_2x.jpg
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